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M-TECS 210
for rubber and duroplastics processing

  • Drastically reduced set-up times
  • Improved temperature homogeneity
  • Enhanced quality
  • No modification of dies
  • The only system of its kind for 410º - 450º F molding

M-TECS 210 opens up brand paths for the rubber and the duroplastics processing industries. With no downtime or waiting time to cool down or heat up molds, mold changing times can sometimes be cut by hours. Using the advanced magnetic clamping technique, molds can be changed even when they are hot, since the operator will not make contact with them at all. This is both convenient and safe.

The magnetic plates have a full metal surface. With no T-slot between the heating and the die, temperatures inside the mold are more homogeneous, which gives an enhanced production quality.

A real highlight is the magnetic clamping plate M-TECS 210 with an integral heating plate. M-TECS 210 is available in various designs, with or without heating, for presses, injection molding machines or for vacuum techniques.

Technical data M-TECS 210
Max. temperature 410º F (210° C) standard, up to 450° F (240º C) as special (contact Hilma engineering)
Magnetic field strength 18 kg/cm² (256 psi)
Magnetic penetration depth 15-20 mm (.59-.79 inches)
Slab thickness 47-85 mm (1.85-3.35 inches)

Most Important Aspects


Safety Features

Also see M-TECS 130, max. temperature 130°C (266°F)

  M-TECS for O-ring production
M-TECS on large machines
M-TECS on machines without cross beam

HILMA has three types of mold clamping systems:
Hydraulic Wedge Clamps for Plastic Injection Mold Machines
Magnetic Clamps for Plastic Injection Mold Machines
Magnetic Clamps for Rubber Injection Mold Machines
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